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How We Got Here

Since our first day in business, STEVIQ LIFE has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices.

Innovation is our driving force in production and quality is the main measure. Healthy and natural can be a choice for many today who are looking for a solution to their health problems or looking at ways to avoid them by controlling their sugar intake. Our vision is to offer innovative natural and healthy products that fall into the category of healthy drinks. In addition to actively promoting healthy eating habits, we want to provide our drinks with the availability, quality and recognizable nutritional value of a wide range of consumers.

SteviQ products have a significant competitive advantage over conventional sugar drinks, as they differ in their functional effect, which enriches the use of stevia instead of sugar as a base for sweetening all products from our range. The quality of the products is confirmed by certificates from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, and about health safety we have certificate HACCP.

Our Mission

Changing healthy habits is only possible through the availability of the right dietary choices. Through the distribution of our products in various channels, our mission is to make the products available to everyone and without restrictions, so that the sugar-free choice has its place on every store shelf, served by the glass. With a very positive reception of our products by health associations, we want to bring STEVIQ LIFE products closer to the widest circle of consumers and those who need sugar-free products by strengthening cooperation and promoting the health benefits of healthy ingredients. Caring for the consumer and top quality products, socially responsible business and humanitarian activity is an integral part of our business and a contribution to a healthy change in the eating habits of society and the local community.


Our Goal

Position in the market as a recognizable name for product quality accompanied by innovation, availability and understanding of market needs. Be a leader in nutrition trends and an active market participant.
Expand the product range and offer a complete healthy product program through recognizable and so far excellently accepted nutritional qualities of the composition of our products.

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