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SteviQ as the main component of all our products is just the ideal recipe for the required solution. Combination
Stevia and erythritol give the right measure of sweetness that can respond to requirements of even a gourmet-sensitive palate, while at the same time having safety as a product without side effects. Erythritol is a calorie-free sweetener at the FDA classification has GRAS status, which means food in every form determined
safe for consumption. 0 calories means it enters the body and is excreted as it is
occurred, with virtually no energy utilization in metabolism.

3 IN 1



- Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Jaffa, Rum

Our 3 in 1 Coffee is a product of fantastic taste due to the higher coffee content, but also sugar free. Thanks to this it has a reduced energy value, and as such fits perfectly into the diet of everyone who wants or has to pay attention to sugar intake and control of total caloric intake. Contained inulin as dietary fiber is great food and care for our good bacteria, who make sure that the digestive tract works properly and is regular. It is obtained from chicory roots, which our ancestors used in recipes for coffee, knowing its useful properties.


Dark or White

Hot Choc is the hot chocolate of the highest quality ingredients on the market. With as much as 40% of the highest quality cocoa, hardly anyone can compete. Enriched with inulin which is known to promote digestive health, Inulin stimulates some of these bacteria to grow. Inulin aids digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut.. That  makes our Hot Choc ideal healthy, chocolate rhapsody for everyone.


SteviQ Cacao drink is a nutritionally balanced beverage. Cacao is best known as SUPER FOOD and our Cacao contains as much as 25% of the highest quality, pure cacao. Enriched with inulin and without added sugar, this drink makes it the best choice for everyone. Our Cacao drink is sweetened only with our natural sweetener SteviQ which has 0kcal so You can consume it GUILT FREE.

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