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STEVIQ LIFE Testimonials

Our Clients Know Best

This is the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted!! So creamy and full flavor. My DREAM chocolate. And for the record I use SteviQ natural sweetener every day in every drink or meal since it has 0 calories.

Franka B.

Beautiful, delicious! I have tried all products and they are ahead of time. But hot chocolate, the taste is superb. High quality, rich flavor. Quality is sublime, melts well for a smooth chocolate base to work from. And vegan, which is the main reason I purchased it! The chocolate flavor really shines, sometimes I put it in freezer and I say its perfect hot or cold!

Sara M.

Your 3in1 Coffee gives me the energy in the morning and I can tell you it stays for whole day. Great taste and satisfies my chocolate craving. For breakfast kids drink Cacao every morning which is great because of vitamins and taste is just great speaking which, their favourite topping on pancakes is mix of Hot Choc - white and black.

Adriana A.

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